First Black Librarian in Clearwater Florida Writes Her Memoirs

From <a href="">Bay 9 News reports</a>: Christine Wigfall Morris, known as Mrs. Chris, and now retired at age 88 is in the process of writing her memoirs, expected out next summer. She is believed to be the first African-American librarian in Clearwater FL. Mrs. Chris started working as a librarian in 1949 and had never stepped foot in one of the city's libraries before accepting the position. "It was a bad segregated area cause very few people went to the library," said Morris, now 88 years old. "If they went to the main library, it was to return books from people they had worked for or from hotels." She worked at what was called the "Negro library," where she even taught her white co-workers a lesson. "The employees never touched a black hand or touched black hair," Morris said. "Because, I can remember very vividly one of the ladies said, 'Is it alright if I touch your hair?'" She says she'll never forget another vivid moment in the 1960s. "A little white girl walked in the library and she said to me, she says, 'Is this the library for me too?,'" Morris said. "I said, 'Yes, it's for all races.' I said, 'Come and join us." Video and story <a href="">here.


This is a nice local piece for Black History month.

(and a great improvement over the submission)

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