First Arab-American novel is 100 years old

"The Book of Khalid," the story of two Arab boys who immigrate to New York City in pursuit of the American dream, explores author Ameen Rihani's hopes for harmony between the two cultures. Nearly a century later, it's a theme that continues to resonate. Still relevant "The Book of Khalid" was published in 1911, but the issues it explores are still timely, says May Rihani, an Arab American poet and the author's niece. ...A group of scholars and public figures plans to mark the 100th anniversary of the book with Project Khalid, a series of events meant to share Rihani's vision of U.S.-Arab dialogue with a wider American audience. One of the major objectives in the coming year will be to introduce a new edition of Rihani's novel to U.S. high school and college curricula, just one of a series of efforts planned to acquaint more Americans with "The Book of Khalid." "Additionally, we are planning an event at the Library of Congress in March, 2011, to give the official celebration of the novel and to be a forum for experts and scholars to commemorate it," says Fine. "We are also planning a website and some media outreach that will demonstrate to the entire country the importance of the 100th anniversary of the first Arab-American novel." Read more about it at:
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