Finalists Picked for the Seattle Library

Time to do the 'Director Job Shuffle' dance.

Seattle PI: A search committee on Tuesday, announced three finalists for the top position of the Seattle Public Library.

The committee, appointed by the library's board of trustees, narrowed the field for the position of city librarian/CEO to the following: Susan Hildreth, the state librarian of California; Jane E. Light, director of the San Jose (Calif.) Public Library; and Rivkah K. Sass, executive director of the Omaha (Neb.) Public Library.

Running this state of the art library system will not only take an extraordinary director and librarian, it will require someone who can handle all the many needs of the $290.7 million "Libraries for All" project. In the past ten years, there have been four new libraries in communities without library service, the replacement, expansion or renovation of 22 existing branches, and of course the new Central Library.

Who would be your pick?


I don't know Hildreth or Light but Rivkah Sass has strong connections in Washington State. She has since done great things in Omaha; I'd love to see her in Seattle again!

Do you have any details of the great things supposedly done?

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