"Explicit" book pulled from middle school library in Marietta OK

Another day, another outraged parent, this time She's in Oklahoma. "It’s, it's awful... It's... I can't believe... I don't talk about that in front of my child -- and I don't expect it to be in a book that she can get from the library. I mean it's just... I'm speechless."

The book -- "TTFN"(-ta ta for now, sequel to "TTYL"- talk to you later) -- came from the Marietta Middle School library, and what's more -- it was on an advanced reading list worth eight points to any student who checks it out and reads it.


Why is it so difficult and awkward for parents to talk to their children child about sex (oral or otherwise)? I have a 6 year old and he understands what sex is and how he was created. It was not embarrasing for either of us to talk about it (when he asked). I just stated the facts like I would if he asked some other nonsexual question. It's when we make a big deal out of it or try to hide things that children become more curious and experiemental with the exact things we are trying to shelter them from. They know about sx by middle school ( I guarantee it) and providing books in the library that might spark a discussion with the parents is a positive thing, in my opinion. Sx is a natural, wonderful experience and should not be censored. Censoring books about sx (and other highly controversial topics) only confuses children and makes them feel ashamed for wondering about it. Talk to them about your values, dont't think shielding them from sx will make them not curious, in fact it does the exact opposite.

We are a liberal middle school library in a very well educated community of a large metro area in the same state as the author of TTFN. It is too bad that we (the librarians) have chosen to remove her books from our shelves. They are not middle school appropriate and they are tasteless junk. There are tons of great books out there that deal with sex, dating, etc. that do not make classless jokes about the importance of those issues. We have asked high school girls to read them just for their input and they agree about their value in our collection. We have many edgy books, but these are just plain dumb!

Clearly the book is written for an older, more mature teenage audience, not for middle school kids. However, I do know someone very close who has read that book when she was only in the eighth grade. In my personal opinion, it's not as bad as the mother makes it sound like. She probably doesn't realize what older middle school kids these days actually know...


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