Exchanging Real Books for Unwanted Kindles

If you happen to be in the Portland, OR area and have an unwanted/unused Kindle, take it to Microcosm Publishing book and zine store and leave with an equivalent value in printed books....

Details here

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The markup on zines has to be 100% if not more. So you give them a Kindle and then they give you $140 in zines that they paid $70 or less for. Then they sell your Kindle on eBay for $100 and they make $30 for every person that does this.

The Kindle 3 is the most current Kindle. The Kindle 2 is consistently selling on eBay from $100-$120.

Clearly not a get rich quick scheme :-) but thanks for that explanation. i was wondering what the business model could possibly be...

Even if they break even they get the advertising value of the stunt.