Ever met the stern librarian?


Ever met the stern librarian?
I often wonder why all librarians, regardless of their sex, appear so grim? Wouldn’t you think that beneficiaries of possibly the best job in the world, who have access to a wealth of knowledge, should have amiable countenances? But that’s not the case. To cast someone as Charon — the ferryman who carries the souls of the dead to the other world — a casting director only has to find a librarian.
Step into a library, and you are greeted with a “why have you come here?” look by a perpetually dour librarian. Instead of being drawn by a welcoming ambience and the attractive smell of books, you are made uncomfortable by the hostile vibes of the librarian.


My librarians are positive, proactive and range from graduates to 30 year seasoned professionals (me). We know our user population, we anticipate user needs and realize that service is the key to the resources. The "stern Librarian" was someone I would never have in my organization. My library staff is called approachable, affable, friendly, helpful, even funny! We have a sense of humor in times of stress.

Libraries are Learning Resource Centers in my mind. THE center of the academic organization. It's where the learning truly happens and my Library staff at three geographically distinct campuses are all notewothy in their public service aptitude.

as a library staffer in the same library for 22 years I object to this as well. At my circulation desk we all are expected to be welcoming and positive to the faculty, students and public who use the library. It's part of the job description.


Conan the Librarian

As a librarian, I find this offensive. Sure I have met surly DMV employees, but I have met really nice, happy ones too. I agree with the posters above who state that librarians are aware that we are in a service industry and we make a conscious effort to be helpful. We are librarians because we like helping people access information so being rude and discourteous goes against that. Of course, there are those who don't fit this mold, but isn't that everywhere. And, I just have to say, in our defense, that yes we *might* watch people sometimes, but if you had to worry about people pooping in the stacks or masturbating in the children's room, you might be vigilant and just a bit testy sometimes too. I don't know any other job besides hospitals, janitorial jobs, and mental institutions where professionals have to deal with bodily fluids as much as librarians.

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