The End Of Freedom: mobile and control


mobile and control
A future where most people have a mobile device as their main or only web browsing computer seems quite plausible. If the iOS ‘closed-shop’ platform model becomes prevalent (as also seems quite plausible, as it’s been quite succesful — and I wouldn’t be shocked to see larger form factor non-mobile OSs adopt this model too, perhaps the Apple desktop app store is an exploratory shot) — This could be the end of the era where computer owners have the freedom to install whatever they want on their computers, and the beginning of an era where computer owners can only install what the platform vendors say they can install. And their permission to install will be subject to their own business models and interests, and the business models and interests of their business partners. This is not a welcome course.


Here's a piece I wrote about the threat the rise of device-specific apps poses to information access
Globalization, information infrastructure, and equity

this is consumer driven. we know that the mobile device world is a moderated world of approved apps and limited freedoms. yet, we line up to buy more of it that promises less and less freedom. because the devices are cool and beautiful. humans love gilded cages.

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