Encyclopaedia Britannica Stops the Presses

After 244 years, the encyclopedia’s publisher said the 2010 edition would be the last because of the competition online.

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That's a major reason of course but are they sure the fact that it's very expensive, more than more people need whilst at the same time not covering what many people want and takes up a lot of room in your home has nothing to do with it?

The writing has been on the wall since Encarta came out on cd-rom.
At least they are still going! Not like it the end of EB totally.

Here is a post at the Encyclopaedia Britannica blog: Change: It’s Okay. Really.

Wikipedia responds to Encyclopaedia Britannica ending its print edition

Excerpt: As of 9:56 a.m., there have been 51 edits to Wikipedia’s Encyclopaedia Britannica entry since Tuesday, when the encyclopedia announced it would cease producing its print edition. “One Less Thing to Burn for Warmth at the End of Days,” Caity Weaver writes, including a short list of items that, like Britannica’s most recent print edition, weigh 129 pounds: “Kathie Lee Gifford in September of 2010?; “Two relatively large male Irish Water Spaniels.” Former Britannica.com editor Charlie Madigan tells Jim Romenesko that toward the end of his tenure at Britannica, he felt like “an ancient fart raised on a mixture of Roman Catholicism, H.L. Mencken and a daily reading of The New York Times, which dated me, of course, but kept me very well informed.”

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