Elegy for librarians

Elegy for librarians: After all the budget cutting's done, who'll be around to help us ask the sharper questions?
If librarians seem distracted these days, you can't blame them. They're worried that they'll lose jobs. As cities, counties, public schools and universities all grapple with recessionary budget cuts, libraries look like low-hanging fruit. In this iEverything age, the thinking goes, books are musty relics. And without books, who needs librarians? The truth is that we've never needed them more
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Furlough days are a good day for librarians to gather outside of work. Why not plan a demonstration for each furlough day, and go out into the community, find a public space, set up some talks on the importance of libraries and library related issues, maybe schedule some music performance, have a radical reference station, staff can show off talents, and maybe some storytelling for the kids...create a sense of community and attract people to this public place every time there is a furlough day. More furlough days, more demonstrations and events. Just a thought.

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