Electronics Marketeer Rediscovers Libraries, Again

<a href="http://www.jameco.com/Jameco/email/corner/fountain.html?sp_rid=MjMzNjE2MDExODES1&sp_mid=3633998">Greg Harris, vice president of marketing at Jameco, a long time vendor of electronic components</a>, comments on the public library, not a favorite place during his childhood and young adulthood, but more recently rediscovered and enjoyed as a source of ebooks.<p> <blockquote> After college I had no need for libraries for a long time. It was almost about 10 years later and almost by accident that I rediscovered the library as a second office. It had everything I needed to get my work done: a comfortable desk, high ceilings, fast wireless internet access and something that my office didn't have... a way to avoid all interruptions and I continued to be fascinated by how other people used the library.<p> This month, once again, the library transformed its role in my life. I purchased an electronic book reader. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the e-reader also provided a new path back into the library - a virtual path. From the comfort of my own home I borrowed (downloaded) electronic books free of charge. I was fascinated by the software that managed the digital rights and keeps track of where the book is downloaded only allowing one user to have access at a time. Unlike their physical cousins, with e-books there are no missing pages, coffee stains or margin notes. </blockquote><p> He closes by asking, "Can you think of an institution that has lived as long and changed as much as libraries? "