E-books don't furnish a room

A generation of electronic book readers, new to the market, promises to 'revolutionise reading'. Katy Guest wonders why

Sooner or later, someone will launch a reader that is cute, tactile and intuitive, and which costs less than the price of 400 paper-backs. Until then, lovers of the smell of book shops can rest easy.


"Amazon has yet to announce plans to launch it in the UK, but early signs from America don't look good for paper book lovers. Estimates vary: some say that sales of e-books for the Kindle have doubled in a year, from six to 12 per cent of Amazon's total sales. "

No, no, no, no. Amazon never said that. This writer leaves out an essential phrase: "of books available for Kindle." There's a huge difference between 6% to 12% of total sales vs. 6% to 12% of that subset.

how many actual books that coveres, how much they cost in comparison to normal book etc etc

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