Durham (NC) Library Director Resigns

DURHAM -- Durham County Library director Hampton M. "Skip" Auld has resigned, effective June 4. He had held the job since July 2006. "We appreciate the energy and insight that Mr. Auld contributed during his tenure with Durham County," County Manager Mike Ruffin said. "We wish him well as he moves forward with other pursuits that he wants to follow." The resignation came one day after the library's renovated Southwest Branch reopened. A new South Durham Branch is due to open later this year. Auld, in his resignation statement, thanked the staff, trustees and Friends of the Library for their support. and said he appreciated having been "a part of the tremendous renaissance and rebirth of Durham City and County and downtown Durham." A search for his replacement will begin immediately. Assistant Library Director Priscilla A. Lewis will serve as Interim Library Director during the search process http://www.newsobserver.com/2010/05/25/499658/library-director-resigns-in-durham.html


I am disheartened and disappointed to hear that Mr. Auld is leaving his post as Director of Durham
County Library. Mr. Auld brought a decent but average, nondescript library system up to the status of
exemplary library system. Under his positive, forward thinking, results-based leadership, Durham
County Library was transformed. It became recognized as a shining star, not just throughout the state of
North Carolina, but nationally through the many awards he and the library received and the recognition
it gained within the American Library Association. He has a very positive and respected national reputation.

As a former employee at DCL, my entire librarianship philosophy was garnered from him. I learned so
much about positive customer service, reaching out to the underserved, community building, openness to change and creative thinking, future driven best practices, team building, results based strategic planning that also considered the Big Picture, networking and partnering, opening up communication and trust building within an
organization, and creating a positive, fun, supportive organizational culture while flattening the
hierarchy and empowering all staff.

Mr. Auld was an energetic, forward thinking Director; continually updating his skill-set and knowledge
base to keep pace with the ever-changing world of public librarianship. He always kept his finger on
the pulse of nationally accepted and recognized library best practices; and worked to institute positive,
results-based change within the Durham Library system, while always considering and consulting with the staff.

He continues to be my inspiration. Durham County citizens, staff and library world owe him much
gratitude. I am sure there are bigger and better things to come for Mr. Auld and we will continue to hear
about his success stories throughout the library world and media.

J. Mitchell, MLIS

Hi Jodi,

And you're my inspiration! What a great teen librarian and general overall librarian and person you are!!! Thank you for the kind words.


Thanks, Skip. Just noticed your very kind response. I meant every word I said.
Best wishes,

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