Donald J. Sobol passes away


Donald J. Sobol, creator and author of the Encyclopedia Brown book series, passed away at the age of 79 today. I grew up reading those books and they taught me two things:

  1. Girls can be just as smart and clever as a "boy genius" - Hiya, Sally.
  2. How to read upside down - I still use this working with patrons.

RIP, Mr. Sobol. I left my Encyclopedia Brown mysteries behind, but I still keep and treasure the Encyclopedia Brown books of "Weird and Wonderful Facts."

Obituary: Los Angeles Times

Obituary: Wall Street Journal


When I was in Junior High I read every Encyclopedia Brown book that I could get my hands on.

>>Encyclopedia Brown books of "Weird and Wonderful Facts."

It is almost eerie that you mention that book. I think I purchased that book out of a Scholastic Reader. I know I owned the book and it was in the book stand by my bed. Whenever I just needed some veg time I would lay on my bed and read over the facts. I literally read that book a hundred times. I even remember some of the factoids from the book - One of them was about a kid that had a molar found growing out of his foot.

As a librarian I have thought about that book and thought that it might be interesting to fact check some of the items in the book.

GalleyCat piece about Sobol.

Includes link to Flickr where there is a collection of pictures of covers of Sobol books.

There is also a link to donate in his memory. Money will be going to a library.

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