Does Your Library Have a Summer Reading Program?


This is a story 'in progress' about your libraries.

Where is your library/name of your library?
Do you have a summer reading program?
When does it get started?
Who's in charge?
How is it implemented?
Is there a theme to the program?
Who's involved; children, teens and/or adults?

Let's exchange ideas...please add your comment below.


There is a lot of new technologies floating around that would be perfect for the summer reading program and class ideas! Scratch from MIT and Microsoft's Small Basic would be natural for your older teenage patrons not interested in the younger children's games and themes.

Here's a few links that might help:


Microsoft Small Basic:


At the Reuben Hoar Library in Littleton, MA we have 3 summer reading programs. The adults and children use the MA 2009 Statewide Summer Reading Program Theme. This year it is "Starship Adventure at Your Library" to celebrate NASA's 50th anniversary. Teens choose their own theme. This year it is "Trekking Teens".
Our Children's Librarian plans programs supported by our friends, town cultural council and conservation trust, storytimes including Moms Read and Dads Read, a talent night, and prizes at various levels for number of hours read or having been read to.
Our Young Adult librarian works with the teens to plan their programs. No program is held unless the teens get the required number of helpers including adults to supervise. Popular programs from the past have been DDR and Wii, duct tape crafts and henna tattoos Friends supply money for the required refreshments.
The director plans the adult summer reading program. We collect prizes throughout the year -- that tote bag that a vendor provided with an order for instance. The Friends purchase a $100 gift certificate to a local restaurant as a grand prize. Any adult who reads 3 books, at least one of which must be related to the theme [which we interpret broadly], is eligible to be entered into the drawing for the prizes. We usually have enough prizes so that 50% of the people get a prize of some kind.
We use Evanced Solutions software, licensed by the state, to keep track of readers in all three programs. A summer reading program committee supported by the 6 MA regions, the Board of Library Commissioners, and IMLS, develops the theme, suggestions, sponsorships [the Boston Bruins just signed on for this year and next], a toolkit , clip art, and 2 blogs at and

Chandler Public Library in Oklahoma
The theme this year is Be Creative @ Your Library
Starts June 5
Staff is in charge of the program.
It will run all summer with programs 1-2 days per week.
Let's Get Ready Party June 5
Vocal/Instrumental Music
Poetry & Short Story Writing
Wrap Party end of July

Our library, Sweetwater County Libraries have summer reading for children, teens and this year adults!
Take a look: and

I work at the Campbell County Public Library in Gillette Wyoming. We do have a summer reading program, it started on the 1st of June. We have 3 different summer reading programs, one for adults, one for teens, and one for children.

As I work in children's I know the most about that one. The adult and teen programs have you read to get your name in for drawings (i'm not so sure about other aspects). In the children's department we have 8 blocks, each block is made up of 5 15min reading sections. For every 15min that a child reads or is red to they can check of a section, and for every 75 mine (5 sections) they get a prize.

We also have programs for 1-6th grades every Wed. and do extra things for regular story times.

The entire children s department staff work together to implement the summer reading program. Our coordinator is mostly in charge, but that consists mostly of breaking it down into pieces for each of us. Each staff member is in charge of 1 Wed program. and the people on rotation for story time are in charge of that. We all broke down the prize ordering by catalog.

There is a theme, it is the BE Creative @ your library. I think it is the same one that many libraries use. Our entire state does the same theme, and the people in office for children's section for our Library Association went down to Omaha NE. to work on summer reading themes.

Library summer reading programs used to be independent affairs, but for the past few years a national program has pretty much dictated what is done. This year the theme is "Be Creative @ your Library," and next year it will be "Make a Splash @ Your Library."

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