Do men even read?


Uuuh, nope!:
In conclusion, there is a massive market failure going on right now. Magazines have outlived newspapers, based in-part on their affiliation with women. Not only that, but women have brought novels back into the popular consciousness, with young women leading the way.

With some small exceptions, the major new media ventures of the last decade have bypassed women altogether, and it is a regrettable mistake. It’s a big reason why — for all the success of Bleacher Report, Vox Media, Gawker, and HuffingtonPost — nobody seriously talked about IPOs.


I'm a man. I can't imagine not reading.

Have you ever tried to read Bleacher Report? It is the worst website I can imagine. Their so-called writers lack all knowledge of the sports they are supposed to be writing about and any sense of a prose style that might mitigate their ignorance. So maybe part of the reason Unilever and others didn't buy ad space is that didn't want to be associated with something so amateurish. Try paying for good writers next time.

Yet CNN dumped Sports Illustrated as their broadcast/media partner and now partners with Bleacher Report for their sports news.

I agree, Bleacher Report is atrocious - the writing, the lack of knowledge, etc. But they obviously come cheaper than SI. Which is a damn shame because SI is quality journalism while Bleacher Report is the bottom of the barrel.

CNN is in free-fall. They are rudderless and clueless.

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