Do City Libraries Get A Raw Rent Deal?

Rumor has it that the Lubbock Public Library was close to a deal to rent an old Albertson's location to hold one of its branches (closed due to water leaking/mold in the walls). When the real estate people figured out that the city wanted the spot, they said the rent would be 3x what was originally discussed.

If this rumor is true, what gives? That old Albertson's spot is not the only "big box" sort of spot in Lubbock needing occupants. Stupid real estate people.

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...since libraries attract homeless people to retail areas, they are seen as undesirable renters.

oh, I'm just making this up... what do I know... libraries should contact homeless advocates and spread these rumors... and throw in the idea that the landlords don't want minorities around since that's also part of the library's service population... see what happens then.

I wonder if that's part of it, but I think they'd rather gouge the city since they know they have an unlimited(?) ability to pay rent.

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