An interesting article in the Times about the differences in the generations:

Digital natives
Like receiving information quickly from multiple media sources.
Like parallel processing and multi-tasking.
Like processing pictures, sounds and video before text.
Like random access to hyperlinked multimedia information.
Like to network with others.
Like to learn “just in time”.

Digital immigrants
Like slow and controlled release of information from limited sources.
Like singular processing and single or limited tasking.
Like processing text before pictures, sounds and video.
Like to receive information linearly, logically and sequentially.
Like to work independently.
Like to learn “just in case”.



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Sorry about the duplication. Great minds like Blake and me just seem to think alike!
Hurray for Blake! You got your article in before I did!

R. Lee Hadden (These are my own opinions!)

It's the same article, being

It's the same article, being posted twice by two different people. The bulk of the post is taken verbatim from towards the bottom of the article.

check the link, please

it seems to be for the article about Google generation

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