A Digital Library Guru Discusses New Rules on Sharing Scientific Data

Interview with Sayeed Choudhury of Johns Hopkins University on the recent change by the National Science Foundation requiring researchers to submit data-management plans with their grant proposals.

In the Chronicle of Higher Education. Read it here.

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What I think a lot of people don't realise is the actual cost of getting scientific work published. There are pages charges, figure charges, colour charges and of course if you have to do it, Open Access charges. Add to that the time and effort spend on peer review and maybe even editorial work on journals themselves.
If people realised how much money was effectively being given to private companies (such as Elsevier, Springer etc) just to get work published they'd be shocked and think that a lot of money was being wasted.
Surely scientists should be getting paid for filling the publishers titles?

The NIH has a 12 month mandate which is good, but in the UK the equivalent body (Research Councils) have a mandate of 6 months. So we are having to pay $3000+ a paper just to have it available to the public. Why? Open Access has led to another layer of cost to the taxpayer, not reduced it. And it's added another administrative task to the people overseeing the syste, that wasn't there before.

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