Digital Biz European Union launches digital library

CNN:The European Union has launched a digital library that offers documents dating to nearly 60 years ago, in 23 languages.

All documents ever edited on behalf of European Union institutions, agencies and other bodies will be available in the library, the organization said in a news release.

"The digital library frees the memory of the European Union tied to paper since its beginning," said Leonard Orban, the union's commissioner for multilingualism.

The electronic library is free to individuals, companies and libraries worldwide, which can download documents as PDF (Portable Document Format) files, Orban said. About 12 million pages -- roughly 110,000 EU publications -- are available for download, according to officials.

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As far as i'm concerned, I think it is a very good idea. In fact, in the European Union, there is a lot of countries, a lot of languages. And, this initiative could enable every country to share the same information and to move countries closer in their knowledge and in their culture. I think that it is important to have in a structure such as the EU this kind of initiative. As a matter of fact, by sharing things. the EU countries are more united.

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