Detailed Amazon Kindle Review

<a href="">Speak Quietly </a>has a Detailed, five day, review of the Amazon Kindle posted. He spends 5 days showing the Kindle and what it can do.


I wanted to buy a Kindle, but unfortunately they're not available in Canada yet. I'm asking for donations for Christmas this year and will have to settle for a Sony ereader instead. I have no more room for physical books in my apartment but don't want to stop buying them!

I think it's a mix of licensing (which I don't mind since I wouldn't want to buy the US versions of British books) and the lack of network capabilities (which is annoying because you can still hook a Kindle up to your computer to manually download things, which makes this a non-issue for me).

I also sent an email to customer support at to ask if they sold ebooks since I wanted to get an ereader and got back a "I don't know what an 'ereader' is will forward your request" response. I think it's going to be a while before they consider selling it here.... :)


I to live in Canada and would love a Kindle. Hopefully it won't be much longer before it moves North.

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