Dead Media Beat: No Amazon? No Kindle Library

Kindle users have been grumbling lately about Amazon locking them out of their accounts, reportedly due to an overly high volume of returns on their Kindle books. ChannelWeb draws attention to the plight of one user who admitted to three "high-priced returns," though he denied abusing Amazon's return policy. Despite this, Amazon banned him from making more purchases from the online store, which also locked him out of accessing his already-purchased Kindle items.

Full blog post at Wired


check stores and find that even one high profile return (the day after prom dress return) can get you blocked.

I think that's fantastic.... 3 "High-priced" returns? So let's see, he read them and sent them he essentially got them for it's like stealing from the company, and they blocked him. Great idea.

But here's a better idea....why not rent the downloadable books for kindle and let them disappear off the device after the expiration date of the rental/licensing date. They do this at the library...downloads only last for a specific period of time...then *zip* they're gone!


If this is "Ian" being discussed here, I've read his posts at Mobile Read and he wasn't returning books. His posts said that he had received defective electronic devices, spoke to customer service at Amazon and followed their instructions for return/exchange. If the replacement was defective he returned it. Then they blocked him without notice or warning. Apparently this happens a lot.

I'm not sure what's going on with everyone else returning their Kindle ebooks. Are they all downloading them in error? Perhaps Amazon should make ordering ebooks a little harder.

There's also no excuse for Amazon blocking legit purchases. If they feel like there is a problem with a customer's account, they should send a notice, allow the customer time to back up their Kindle purchases to their computers and then kill the account. I doubt most of their customers are backing things up, depending on Amazon to hold their books in trust for them.


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