Dayton Librarian Tackles Battering Boyfriend

Here’s a rule to live by: Don’t mess with a librarian.

Police were called Monday afternoon to the Madden Hills Branch of the Dayton Metro Library on a report of a fight in the parking lot. A second call said one of the participants was armed with a handgun.

Upon arrival, police found the back parking lot empty, though a witness told police the direction the armed suspect fled. While crews searched the neighborhood, officers talked with witnesses.

Those witnesses told police a young man was beating a young woman, apparently his girlfriend. At one point, according to witnesses, the man shoved the woman’s head into the glass entry door. Several librarians entered the parking lot, and the 18-year-old squared off with raised fists as if to attack one of the librarians.

The librarian told police he warned the young man he also worked as a bouncer. When that did not dissuade the young man’s advance, a single punch to the face did, sending the 18-year-old to the ground. The librarian told police he asked the young man to stay on the ground, that it was over, and he would not hit him again.

Dayton Daily News has the story.

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