The Day The Internet Threw A Righteous Hissyfit About Copyright And Pie

Must Read Story

Piece on intellectual property at NPR. Boring? No it is not. This is a must read story. See what the pie in the title is all about.

Full piece here


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Judith Griggs

Google "Judith Griggs" and look at the top hit. Get the dictionary definition of how you can griggs something.

Holy Moly.

Sometimes I feel like something as completely delusional as Griggs' e-mail deserves a round of applause. How can she work in publishing and be this ignorant?

Cooks Source finally put up a response

It's not the best apology in my mind but it's a fresh start hopefully. They referred to the repeated plagiarism of other people's work as 'an oversight' and it doesn't address the other writers besides Ms. Gaudio who were plagiarized. They do make a point that the internet ridicule has gone too far for their advertisers which is good to point out. I don't think the advertisers should be demonized for having ads in the magazine if they did not know how Cooks Source got their articles.

Did any advertisers get demonised?

If they kept advertising in the future maybe, but surely the important thing was to bring it to their attention.

I do hope that Martha Stewart, Disney, NPR et al do still sue them out of existance as well though.

Cooks Source editor, Hitler, reacts to claims of copyright viola

Cooks Source editor, Hitler, reacts to claims of copyright violation.

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