Daughter Defends Fired Librarian Mother

In a Dallas Ft.Worth suburb, Farmersville, a fight has erupted after Pansy Hundley, the city's long-time librarian, was fired.

Hundley's dismissal for insubordination was apparently triggered by a comment she made to a City Council member. The librarian's daughter, Suzanne Schuschardt, publicly scolded that Council member at Tuesday night's meeting.

"This started with you and a comment you made to my mother dismissing her three weeks ago," Schuschardt said. "Nobody has a right to dismiss anybody. Is it arrogance? Is it cowardice? You didn't even look at her when you said it. I don't know." Hundley, 73, had been the Farmersville city librarian for 28 years.


Do you mean cowardice?

Sorry to complain, but this story tells me absolutely NOTHING about what happened. That's not Birdie's fault, it's just a shoddily written piece of news.

Made up his mind to let Pansy go and the city Council went along with it.If you look into this story more you see there is not a good leason for letting a outstanding citizen as Pansy Hundley go. You can find out more about her throw the Farmersville times ,([email protected] or her name www.Pansy Hundley...The real truth is not out there because no one waits it.Its sade to see something like this happen here in Farmersville...Its true when good people do nothing,things like this happen...I have talk to Pansy and you now she encourage me. I called to let to let her now that the people of farmersville do not go along with the city Manger John Moran or the City Council..Its like they are blind to what the people of Framersville.They have not read the local paper..Cowardess was for the city Manger and the way he did what he did.someone needs to see what he is up to.Why would we keep anyone like this..Allso to your ? the news about this story has not been told very good at all. Myself can not do it justice ...I thank just like so many other people I can not even go to library if Pansy not going to be there she is the library..She has done so much for FARMERSVILLE SHE WAS CITIZEN OF THE YEAR ..WHY WOULD YOU FIRE SOMEONE LIKE THIS................Kim Mckinney

umm. I couldn't read your whole comment. Too many spelling and grammatical errors.

I now to well how bad my spelling is.you sould trying liveing this way. Iwas hopeing you would be looking at more than my spellingand see the wrong done here in Farmersville!!!!!Kim Mckinney

Thank you for your post. I think you got rid of our grammar nazi. I am assuming they stroked out after reading your post. We are very grateful for your efforts.

I have to do something...

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