Darby Library Possibly Closing

The oldest public library in the United States, Darby Free Library outside Philadelphia, is in danger of closing. The library was founded in southeast Pennsylvania in 1743.


Each person using the system pays $34. Problem solved.
Of course that sound silly but it is something that would actually solve the problem in many places. It's not that people aren't using the libraries, it's budget cuts pure and simple.
Signing a petition seems to be a good idea but if those same people opened their wallets and purses the problem goes away, for a year at least anyway.
'Oh but we pay our taxes so we shouldn't have to pay more', well unfortunately your taxes don't pay for as much as they used to, so you either pay more or you have less services.

In the UK some libraries now use volunteers to provide basic services. That's just another form of payment. It's better to have the system still going and try and sort out how to keep going rather than something closing down and have the additional problems of trying to get it back up again in the future.

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