Daley Library at U. Illinois Chicago...We're Trying

A complaint by Mike Persley, who suggested that the campus's Daley Library 'clean up its act' (after a very frustrating experience trying to print materials for class and then being overwhelmed by broken fixtures, dirt, graffitied tables, a confusing layout, and art-starved walls) is addressed in a recent issue of the Chicago Flame by Mary M. Case, University Librarian.

She responds: As Mike’s story demonstrates, we are still working on having a consistent suite of software on all machines. We clearly need to dedicate more resources to meeting that goal, as well as to increasing the reliability of printers. We will do that.

Specifically in Daley, two Oases and the Daley Grind have helped to enliven the first floor. Later this year construction will begin on the now blocked off south end on our new IDEA Commons—a space intended for active learning and 24 hour access.

We have replaced all of the chairs on the second floor and established some comfortable seating areas. We have removed the worst of the study tables and carrels. We have placed an order for new tables and chairs and carpeting for the third floor quiet study area. We’ve repainted walls on the first through fourth floors and have started hanging art from the Library’s photograph collections as well as student art work from the Image of Research competition. We repainted, refurnished and changed the lighting fixtures in group study rooms and made two of them Smart rooms with interactive whiteboards and multimedia capability. We have added electrical outlets everywhere we possibly can.

We have plans underway to completely refurbish the second floor restrooms during the fall semester: we will deep-clean the tiles and install new partitions and fixtures. We’ll renovate the other restrooms as quickly as we can over the next year and a half.

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