Current Information on the Dragon

The Great Western Dragon is:

Dr. Daniel Messer
Circulation Supervisor
Queen Creek Library - A branch of the Maricopa County Library District
21802 S Ellsworth Rd
Queen Creek, AZ 85242
(602) 652-3362

Your very own Dr. Gonzo.

E-mail: greatwesterndragon (at) gmail (dot) com

Distant Early Warning: My personal blog.
Hyperlinked History: My podcast (see below).
Dioecism Squared: My adult entertainment and human sexuality blog.
LISNews: To which I'm a regular contributor.

Tales From the Circ Side: Gonzo Cyberpunk Librarianism- Currently in progress

New Age Musician and Composer:
Awedessy (1999)
Back in the Day (2005)
Spiral Dancer (2006)
Sonoran Standard Time (2007)

Your host for Hyperlinked History, right here on the LISNews Netcast Network!

Digital Pin-Up Artist:
My work has been featured on several websites, MySpace profiles, and, strangely enough, an Israeli gay pride website.

Computer Programmer:
Author of HMPH (Held Materials Printer Helper) and Kaishakunin, two utilities for use with the Polaris Integrated Library System.

And, I make a damn good cup of coffee too.

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