Current Information For Dr. Gonzo!

Dr. Daniel Messer
Circulation Supervisor
Queen Creek Public Library - A branch of the Maricopa County Library District
21802 S Ellsworth Rd
Queen Creek, AZ 85242
(602) 652-3362

Your very own Dr. Gonzo.

E-mail: greatwesterndragon (at) gmail (dot) com

Distant Early Warning: My personal blog.
Dioecism: My adult entertainment and human sexuality blog.
LISNews: To which I'm a regular contributor.

Tales From the Circ Side: Gonzo Cyberpunk Librarianism- Currently in progress.
Intragalactic Librarian!: The Adventures of Skyler and J.E.S.S.I.C.A.- Also in progress.

New Age Musician and Composer:
Awedessy (1999)
Back in the Day (2005)
Spiral Dancer (2006)
Sonoran Standard Time (2007)

Digital Pin Up Artist:
My work has been featured on several websites, MySpace profiles and, strangely enough, an Israeli gay pride website.

Computer Programmer:
Creator of HMPH (Held Materials Printer Helper) and Kaishakunin, two utilities for use with the Polaris Integrated Library System. Both programmes are free and open source. If you're interested in either, please contact me.

And I make a damn good cup of coffee too.

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