CSS ‘Paged Media’ Brings Book Smarts to the Web


What if you could flip through a regular news website like a magazine?

Håkon Wium Lie, Opera Software’s CTO and creator of cascading stylesheets, has proposed a new set of CSS tools that transform longer web pages into a more book-like experience, where the reader flips from page to page instead of scrolling down one long screen.

Lie’s proposal, the Generated Content for Paged Media standard, is a mouthful. But behind the awkward name lies an intriguing idea.

It’s a concept that’s gained considerable weight with the arrival of touchscreen tablets and smartphones, both of which lend themselves to very book-like reading experience. Indeed popular magazines, including Wired, all offer platform-native applications that mimic the reading experience of a book or magazine. That’s precisely what Lie wants to make possible on the web.

Full article at Wired.com

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