Creating a digital public library without Google's money

Like other authors and researchers, I'm conflicted about the project. On the plus side, the vision of a widely accessible digital library is a worthy one that is, for the first time in human history, technologically achievable.

On the other hand, Google was plotting to acquire effective control over millions of works whose copyrights belong to others.

Full article in the LA Times

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As Google, the Author's Guild and other allies assess their options in the wake of a federal judge's decision this week to scuttle their plans to create a digital library of every book ever published, none of their choices look very attractive.
By agreeing with the U.S. Justice Department that incorporating all those books into Google's market-leading search index could violate antitrust law, and by also taking issue with Google's copyright claims in the case, Judge Denny Chin has severely limited Google's potential responses, experts and people close to the digital book effort said this week.

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