County Hid GPS Tracker on Library Chief's Car


County Hid GPS Tracker on Library Chief's Car
In what some local readers have called “public pillorying in Bakersfield media,” The Bakersfield Californian reported on November 26 what reporter James Burger and his editors called “questionable work habits” of the Kern County director of libraries.

From September 20, 2011 to October 31, 2011 the Kern County General Services Department placed a GPS device on the county vehicle used by Library Director Diane Duquette.

Among other things, The Californian charged the library chief with infractions such as “manag[ing through email,” attending Rotary meetings during the work day and stopping for personal shopping while obtaining matting and framing for items to be placed in the new Frazier Park Library.


Seriously? So many people pop into a store on their way to and from meetings. Rotary club builds community goodwill.

And when would a library director attend a Rotary Meeting? When they are not meeting? this is silliness. Is the library well run? Is the community satisfied with their library? Has the city manager or mayor been subjected to GPS without forewarning?

This strikes me as a manufactured crisis, aimed at selling newspapers, and having little to do with actual job performance. Frankly, it makes Bakersfield look rather silly.

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