As to the Consumer Electronics Show & LISTen...

This is the post I never wanted to write. I have to be upfront though. I failed.

The Consumer Electronics Show is starting Wednesday. The crew is located in the Las Vegas Valley. For the various locations in Paradise Township that CES will be occurring at, we're just a thirty minute drive away.

The only thing stopping us from getting in is the lack of a media badge. Supposedly this is the easiest event to get a badge for. LISTen could not be badged for this one.

What held us back? The biggest problem is the definition of "professional journalist". That definition doesn't hinge on a degree. It hinges on being paid.

CES is rather restrictive when it comes to their defining journalistic activity. That we are not paid actually hurts us severely. I try very hard to maintain as much as is feasible the correct forms of production that would be found in any radio station you might encounter. As far as CES is concerned, that is all for naught because we're not funded.

I had an ambitious operation planned. Other players won't subsume us into their operations because they see us as equals. While it is a great honor to be considered colleagues the problem is that it restricts us heavily in keeping our operation funded. We were going to hold accreditation for two outlets to help ensure we got past the problems Gawker Media created last year.

When CES kicks off Wednesday morning, we won't be there. There are consequences to people's actions. Being so close yet so operationally far away irks me mightily as I have already complained on Twitter.

Not having the operation funded has been problematic when trying to get doors opened. This has hindered us in getting some interviews. Some events are such that we cannot get in the door due to having no funding. Contrary to perceptions by most librarians, trying to run something like this expense-free is not feasible. We got lucky getting in the door at BlogWorldExpo because originally they wouldn't even approve me while they did approve the podcast's engineer. Some fancy footwork and excellent negotiating got me in to the show.

I watched the numbers on BlogWorldExpo and New Media Expo carefully. This is the kind of stuff librarians like to hear. As a consequence of lacking funding, you'll have to suffice with generalist views of tech on display at CES rather than having an MLS attempt to apply it to operational realities.

I'm sorry. I tried. In this case, you literally got what you paid for...and that annoys me heavily...

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