Competing with Amazon is not an easy thing to do

Amazon has three pretty powerful things going for them, and two are entirely their own doing.

Number one: Amazon is, by far, the most book-industry-focused company that is actually active in endeavors much larger than the book business.

Number two: Amazon executes.

Number three: Amazon is the runaway market leader in the only two segments of the book business that are growing — ebooks and the online purchasing of print — and they are cleverly leveraging the leadership position they have to make challenging them even more difficult in the future.

Details on the three points


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Headline needs amending to "Completing with Amazon is an Impossibility". Particularly when they're offering to pay customers to stay out of brick & mortar retailers.

Ban smart phones

Stores should ban the use of smart phones in their stores so that Amazon cannot be looked at.

Oh dear

Damn those companies doing a good job.
They are providing people with what they need. If anything we are the reason things are bad, not them.

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