Gorman: Yipping and Yawping to the End

Submitted by Blake on Mon, 05/08/2006 - 20:40

Karen Schneider has an interesting Post Over At FRL where she points out Michael Gorman's column in the May issue of American Libraries (which apparently can't be read online). She writes: "Soon, deliciously soon Gorman will be an ALA past-president, and then the New York Times will call Leslie Burger when they want a sound-bite on the state of things informational. Oh tasty future!"Some interesting comments including one from David King who sums up my reason for not being part of ALA: "Honestly, one of the reasons I'm not a member of ALA is because of people like Gorman." I'm out numbered 3506 to one, I don't believe if I joined I'd make any difference. Update: 05/09 00:09 GMT by B :librarianscott points out Actually you can read his columns on the web (in PDF format). They're on his web site.