The coming age of FRBR-ized library catalogs


The coming age of FRBR-ized library catalogs :
There’s been a lot of talk lately in the library world about the coming age of FRBR-ized library catalogs (prompted in part by development of RDA, a cataloging standard that uses FRBR). Exactly what such catalogs will look like, and whether they will actually help readers use the library more effectively, are matters of ongoing debate. One of the key differences between FRBR and older catalog models is that books and other resources that share common properties can be grouped together at various levels of abstraction.


the Hamlet example on Open Library looks good, but I don't like that something like Bloom's criticism gets pushed down lower because of the number of editions.. somehow they should find a way to use subject headings to group results together so all book called Hamlet would combine with Shakespeare to list those entries closer together... as it is, it looks cleaner up front, but I don't know if it's that much easier to use.