College Students' Latest Fad - "Wikiracing" - Mashes Up Wikipedia and Six Degree of Kevin Bacon

The latest procrastination-tool-of-choice on college campuses is called "Wikiracing." And like the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game - albeit modified for the Internet age - it challenges players to connect the dots. The rules are simple: Pick a starting page - "Helen Keller," for example. Then pick a second target page, the more disparate, the better - "lucky bamboo," say - and see who can get from the first to the final page fastest, solely by clicking on links embedded within the pages. Of course, for official rules and helpful strategies, you can always look at Wikipedia's Wikirace page and get even more distracted. Read more.


Students have been doing this for years! I think I did it when I was in high school.

I like to do this with Literature Map.