Citizens: Get on the Bandwagon for Your Library

In an call to action for libraries in the Huffington Post, Carol Fitzgerald of gave advice on what to do to fight the proposals by many local governments to cut library services--or in the case of her hometown, Cedar Grove, N.J., to cut the library system entirely.

"Write your Senators impassioned letters on what libraries have meant and mean to you today. Talk about how important all libraries--school, public and college--are to this country and how awful it will be when they start closing or experience devastating reductions in services. The more personal the note, the more effective.... Also, consider writing an Op-Ed piece or other article for your local paper."

Don't forget to check in at Save Libraries for the latest news on how libraries around the country are faring and what can be done to help. Another site in the same vein (although I think saving is a lot more encouraging than losing), Losing Libraries, in cooperation with Library Journal.

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