Christian Science Monitor to cease daily print publication

The <a href=""> Christian Science Monitor </a>will stop publishing a daily newspaper just after it turns 100 years old. The newspaper will not close, it will continue to publish a weekly newspaper, and its online presence will become the daily edition of the paper. "The new weekly paper edition of the paper will cost $89 per year. The daily Web edition will cost $219 per year."


You mean I can pay $200 for stuff I can get free in a dozen or more places? This IS too good to be true! Honey, get the checkbook!

Prediction: CSM goes under in less than three years.

CSM is nonprofit. I predict they will not go under in three years.

The Christian Science Monitor, as it mentioned in the article, subsidizes the paper to the tune of millions of dollars per year.

However my Diocesean newspaper, the St. Petersburg Diocese edition of the Florida Catholic is closing up shop after 40 years. Other diocese editions will still be published, but the diocesean subsidy just grew too large and the circulation and subscription fees just did not offset the costs enough.

My diocese is going to some quarterly newsmagazine that will be distributed gratis. I am really quite bummed.

Do your homework before posting nefarious info. Here's the quotation from the Monitor's site:

"The Monitor's new weekly print edition will launch in April and be priced at $3.50 per copy or $89 for a year's subscription. A full-price subscription to the current daily print edition is $219."

The new daily email edition will not cost $219, nor will accessing the web site...they will be ad supported. Everybody calm down, and read this:

and, the quotation you provide is not in the story you linked to!

At the top of the article you will see:
"Tuesday, October 28, 2008 - 2:43 PM EDT | Modified: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 - 4:09 PM"

When I posted the article the quoted text was there. It was modified sixty-six minutes after I posted it.

So before telling me to do my homework remember the adage about people in glass houses.

If you are a librarian you should be concerned with all of the metadata associated with the article, your failure to examine the metadata reflects on your competence as a professional. If you are not a librarian ask a librarian to explain to you why the other information that appears on the linked page is important.

There is nothing nefarious about it you are just inattentive.

The Monitor expects to lose $18.9 million for the fiscal year ending April 30. It receives a subsidy from the Christian Science church. This year that subsidy will be $12.1 million.

The Monitor expects to cut its net losses to $13.5 million by 2013, and the subsidy from the church will drop to $3.7 million.

Even churches and non-profits can bleed to death. They just tend to bleed slower.

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