Check Out An American Girl Doll @ Your Library

A Doll’s Magic, Free to Renew
These have been the many phases of Kirsten Larson, an American Girl doll who sat on a shelf in the Ottendorfer branch of the New York Public Library, in the East Village, until a resourceful children’s librarian began lending her to girls, many of whose parents, because of financial or feminist reasons, resist buying the dolls.


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What About Action Figures, Too?

So I wouldn't have to spend a fortune every year keeping up with demand from Mr. 5yo and Mr. 10yo for this or that obscure figure (anyone collecting Godzilla monsters with their kids?)

Why not

As long as someone donates one in the first place.

If their parents refuse to buy it for "feminist" reasons

Is it really right for the library to check out the dolls to little girls??

"Here ya go kid. Your ma doesn't want you to have this, but I'm giving it to you. Hope nothing bad happens!"

If they are little girls

Then I'd be surprised if they are in the library on their own. And if they are being dumped there by the parents then they only have themselves to blame.

I'd see it the same but from the other point of view, kids not wanting to give it back and not understanding they don't get to keep it, or indeed kids fighting over who has it next!

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