Changes expected after outcry over book selection

Changes expected after outcry over book selection
"The question boils down to age appropriateness," said Abbott. "Is a seventh-grader capable of reading a book like this (“Stuck in Neutral” by Terry Trueman about a teen's struggle with cerebral palsy) and not being disturbed? Furthermore, if you assign a book like this, the next question is that should there be a classroom discussion? And what concerned me the most is that the book was given to the students; the students read the book; upon finishing the book there was a content test and that was it. No discussion, no debate over euthanasia."


As parents, it's our job to hover around our kids doing our best to protect them from being "disturbed" by the world around them. It's also our job to decide what might disturb other kids, and protect them from that. It's also our job to judge other parents on their ability to protect all kids from being disturbed. Never let anyone tell you that you don't know what's best for everyone else.

No wonder our kids are such emotional wrecks nowadays who can't let go of mommy and daddy's pantlegs even when they are adults.

I agree the book should have been discussed more and I think Terry Trueman's "f-off" speech to students was probably over the line, but for heaven's sakes some of these parents' butts are clenched so tight it's a wonder if they ever relax.

While Mom and Dad are protesting Terry Trueman and other books they deem "inappropriate", their darling little juniors and misses are probably on Facebook and/or taking dirty cell phone pics of each other and passing them around. Or texting, or doing god knows what that is a hell of a lot more harmful than reading a Terry Trueman book.

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