The Cellphone, Navigating Our Lives

The cellphone is the world’s most ubiquitous computer. The four billion cellphones in use around the globe carry personal information, provide access to the Web and are being used more and more to navigate the real world. And as cellphones change how we live, computer scientists say, they are also changing how we think about information.

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It seems

like there's 4 billion new cell phones introduced everyday. Don't believe me, go to 90% of their coverage is cell phones.

Cell phones biggest threat is the ability to deliver information anytime (almost) anywhere. Why ask for directions in a library when your phone has GPS? The Internet is right there to. I've tried smartphones, but I really don't need Internet access anywhere anytime.

Call Me Old Fashioned

My cellphone is just that a cell phone, not an internet, not a GPS, certainly Not Ever a Leash!

For the most part it is turned off, and I use it at night or on the weekends to call my sister in AK, because it is free! I also use it on the road when traveling, or in an emergency.

I do not need to be "plugged in" 24/7.

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