Celebrate Library Week with a Librarian Movie

An exhaustive list can be found here, courtesy of Martin Raish, David O. McKay Library, Brigham Young University - Idaho.


What about Lorenzo's oil where the librarian helps with their research unearthing an obscure research paper...and at least one of the Harry Potter films...if I remember rightly there are a few occasions where they visit the library for research.

Mary Wood

They're both on the second list (B Group): "A library is used for research, for study, to meet someone or for some other purpose, but any librarian that might be visible is essentially no more important than a piece of furniture that helps to identify the setting. (About 150 films.)"

What about The Music Man? Heck, she even had a song--Marion the Librarian!

Cathy DiPalma

It's under "M".

The mute twin dolls 3 and 4 live in an old library after humanity has died. I loved the system they came up with to find information - they had a book filled with pictures and scraps of articles and each page had a string that lead to the information on the shelf. They also conveniently have projectors as eyes so they can replay information.


. . . for the information this this film. I was not aware of it. I could never maintain the filmography without help from colleagues.

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