Caveman at the library

<blockquote><a href="">COULD YOU SURVIVE WITHOUT MONEY? MEET THE GUY WHO DOES.</a> In Utah, a modern-day caveman has lived for the better part of a decade on zero dollars a day. [He's] either a latter-day prophet or an irredeemable hobo. Suelo's blog, <b>which he maintains free at the Moab Public Library</b>, suggests that he's both.</blockquote> But could the Moab Public Library survive without money? <a href="">Here's his blog</a>...(pretty interesting reading)~


not sure what without money means when you are dependent on others to have money.

his living without money is an illusion supported by his view that no money changing hands equals no money used. he exists at the edge of money and everything he does (apart from sleeping under the stars and bathing in the river) it tied to our money society.

and that's my feeling about anyone with this philosophy: what happens when we all adopt it? when no one has extra food or gas or electricity to share? without money, it takes (guessing) 20 acres of land to grow enough food to keep me alive. With money, I can live in a 400 sq ft apartment in a big city and have food delivered to my door.

not saying the city is better, just saying it understand the reality of living on this highly-populated planet.

There is no way to live a totally money free existance unless we all lived that way, and then there would be a form of money/economic system, even if it was in terms of bartering.
He might not have spent any money but he's using the results of other peoples money, he's walking on roads paid for by the taxpayer etc etc.

Nice that he can do it, but he's not money free, he's just spending no money.

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