A Canadian Library Plans for Its Future

The Penticton (BC) Public Library has served the community for almost a century and in these changing times, it needs to grow.

Established in 1909 with a stock of 500 books, its collection now totals about 120,000 including DVDs and audio books.“People like their books,” says chief librarian Larry Little. “People like their public libraries. Libraries are the one democratic institution that is freely available for everybody. We have 17,000 people registered.”

BC Local News reports: “The real key for us is building for the future,” said Little, and plans have been in the works for a long time. “Ten years ago, the library approached city council about expansions to this facility. At that time the museum was included. We had a meeting here in November 1998 to show council just how desperate the library and museum were for space,” said Little.

From that, council agreed to put money towards development of a concept plan, the first draft of which was completed in November 2003.
“Where we are at right now in 2008, we’re asking council for funds to do detailed planning — about $125,000 for the library and museum complex.” “This will be the fourth year we’re asking,” said Little. “This is an old building and the infrastructure is in need of revitalization.”

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