Can your ebook reader do this?

When Terrence Bosky <a href="">borrowed Out of this World: A Collection of Hermits and Recluses by Helen Worden</a>, he didn't expect to get a copy Helen owned, filled with original articles or other items taped to the pages. <blockquote>There is discoloration and certainly damage, but the overall affect is transcendent. “Worn condition & stains noted by ILL,” may describe the book’s condition, but it doesn’t describe the experience of reading it.</blockquote> Now find me an ebook reader that does this.</blockquote>


I used to have a scroll reader! I could just pop any scroll in it and read the text as fast as you could peddle without interruption. I even owned a few maps and it was like being a bird and soaring in the air. Now these "book" things are becoming popular. Show me one that I can easily and seamlessly read through the whole text! All you can do is read a few paragraphs and then you have to stop, flip the page, and smooth it out.

What will happen with our children! Just think, they'll start getting used to that mental interrupt and never be able to hold more than a few thoughts in their head at once.

Not to mention how it'll make scholars either blubbery masses or muscled weaklings.

Sorry for the bit of humor, but every technology has tradeoffs. I know various document standards have various capabilities for notes and there's plugins like zotero for associating notes with a work. I'd probably not get any of the current "ereader" devices if I was a reader who took extensive notes, but I would consider buying a laptop and using things like highlighting pdfs and the note capability. The DRM concerns here are legitimate, but it's not really a technological hurdle but a social and political one.

didn't he stick a whole roll of toilet paper in the typewriter and just keep typing? I have all the 1 billion year commemorative editions on gold foil paper and I scroll through them all... also, I hear there's an app for that.

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