Can First Sale Doctrine exist in a digital age?

Can First Sale Doctrine exist in a digital age?
If publishers could get together and agree on a service like this which would allow the right of first sale to exist on digital files it would go a long way towards not only adopting digital media but literally "buying" in. This is, of course, assuming you do not already prefer physical books, are not a collector of books and said books are not first editions, signed copies, leather bound, etc. In those instances this discussion is moot.

What do you think about digital books? Would a legal re-selling service make you more likely to buy e-books?


Can it? Maybe. Should it? is the correct question.
If you buy something now you should know that you don't have that option. If you want it then you buy a physical item. Now if that changed that is a seperate issue, but they are not removing that from physical sales.