Butte library director wants to cut cops and fire department rather than library.

The <a href="http://www.fox40.com/pages/landing_local_headlines/?Butte-County-Librarian-Wants-Public-Safe=1&blockID=253147&feedID=190">Director of the Butte Library</a> wants the fire deparment and the sheriff to 'share the pain' of budget cuts. We wonder why people think librarians are idiots.


Mostly I think people believe that librarians perform an incredibly valuable public service. I think people think librarians are great.

My opinion of you isn't too high, however.

We wonder why people think anonymous posters are idiots.

Thomas Jefferson as president drydocked the entire U.S. Navy in order to cut taxes, and both Milton Friendman and Jude Wanneski, the formost proponents of supply side economics thought exactly the same thing. That in order for their economic system to work in the real world NO government department or expense should be exempted from having their budgets cut to reduce taxation.

They asserted that the military and defense defense of the U.S. were the ones that were the most wasteful, and the true is the same of most police departments in most municipalities, counties, and states.

Primarily because they eat up the largest portions of the budget it is possible to hide all sorts of corruption, inefficiencies and waste. Like the 250 dollar hammers bought by the Pentagon. When this was news, the Pentagon cleaned up its act, but in the past eight years, the Congressional Budget Office has found huge amounts of waste in the Defense Department. The Pentagon purchases new materials and within weeks is putting it up on the Military Surplus site to be sold for pennies on the dollar, simply to meet contract obligations and pork barrel projects in largely Red States.

In 2003 for example, the CBO went out and purchased 80,000 dollars of brand new military surplus for 3,000 dollars, while at the same time, the Pentagon had standing orders and was waiting to receive more of the same new stuff they were selling on the Pentagons surplus web site.

Most libraries run on small, shoestring budgets, while most police department rely on fear and the threat of cutting back police protection to blackmail local governments into giving them larger budgets than are actually necessary. In some cities, the overtime given to police gives them salaries that are as high as 250 percent of their base pay. And rather than give the overtime to the lowest pay grade necessary, it is the upper level officers who are taking the overtime when a lower level street cop would be sufficient to do so.

I recently studied such a city outside of New York City where overtime pay was rife, and the average officer with a base pay of 85,000 dollars was taking home a quarter of a million dollars a year in overtime pay and there were hundreds of such incidents. The libraries saw almost ZERO overtime pay.

Yonkers, the city of $225,000 cops
By Len Maniace and Cathey O'Donnell
The Journal News • June 15, 2008

YONKERS - As mayor of Westchester's biggest city, Phil Amicone is officially Yonkers' highest-paid employee. That is, until the checks are handed out.

Once overtime and other payments to city workers are counted, Amicone's $156,098 salary ranked 179th in the city last year, according to a Journal News analysis of pay data collected under the state's Freedom of Information Law...

"It is evident that overtime policies had not been enforced, written overtime procedures had not been followed, and overtime slips submitted for payment had not been properly reviewed before payment was authorized," Zisman wrote.

Eight of those officers were the top overtime earners, each receiving more than $100,000 in annual overtime, while six earned the most in court-related overtime, each receiving more than $43,000.

But not everyone in the Police Department received overtime. In fact, 104 full-time employees received no overtime pay. An additional 11 officers received less than $500 in overtime, according to records.

The Police Department was responsible for 64 percent of the city's overtime last year. The Fire Department was second with a 25 percent share. The Public Works Department finished a distant third with 7 percent...


This is not atypical in most cities in the U.S. Rather than hire lower ranking new officers to perform the necessary functions required of the overtime needs, the overtime is largely paid to captains, lieutenants, sergeants, etc, rather than police walking beats or driving police cars to prevent crimes.

The Librarian in Butte is calling it the way it is. Police departments in most cities in the U.S. operate in this same manner, usually disregarding clear overtime rules which almost always cite that when overtime is necessary, it should be given to the lowest level and lowest paid position necessary to perform the needed task.

The equivalent in a library would be to give the library director overtime in order to shelve a backlog of books.

They call the chief to traffic crashes at 10:30 at night that will take 3 hours of follow up so they can pay him overtime.

Are you actually that stupid? Police overtime is primarily given to those who are working. You see police officers can't choose not to go to a call in their zone because they are off in 30 minutes. If somebody starts shooting up the McDonalds in your zone you go, and you are primary until the detectives arrive. Then you throw up some crime scene tape and start the scene log. Since there is a lot to do and a finite number of people to do it you will probably have to stay a few hours later on overtime. Overtime always has to be approved by a supervisor, but is it beneficial to take a guy 3/4 done with a traffic crash with injuries and send him home at shift change, or switch him out with the next shift who will have to repeat 1/2 of the work already done. You let the guy finish his work, and he can turn in his paperwork the next day.

In a big fire do you see the other firemen switching in mid shift like a baseball team changing after three outs, nope. You may see a few switch at a time when there are resources to rotate them out. Again the overtime is approved by the supervisor.

Certainly there are overtime duties that are planned in advance, presidential visits and things like that, any officer that wants to get OT can sign up. There are also special details which do pay overtime, but those - like security at a football game, or rock concert are reimbursed to the city so the effect on the city budget is nil, yet the officer gets overtime pay. This allows for the same number of officers on the street, and safety at the games.

When the library starts handling emergencies and librarians have to stay late then let you butt hurt director start whining. I for one value the police and fire departments more than the library. I don't like that the library branch closest to me is closed on Thursday and Friday - other branches in the city are open and they rotate the closings around the city so that some branch is open every day of the week. But I don't want an idle fire truck to offest the Thursday opening of my proximate library branch.

Yes, many people think librarians are idiots at times. I am one of those people and I am an MLS degreed librarian.

Well kiddo given the tenor of your message I would have to say that YOU are not only a loudmouth but a loudmouth idiot as well.

Only a fool holds up any profession as untouchable by greed or incompetence. Sorry my hero worshipping fear mongerer but they are humans not gods.

In lean times cuts must be made but they should be made based on reality not on knee jerk reactions. Which is what you are tossing off...pure fear tactics. Cuts to ALL areas need be looked at in these tough times and only a moronic jackass makes such huge generalizations rather then looking at the reality of the individual situation.

BTW traffic accidents and the like can easily be turned over to another shift...that is why we have standardized forms and procedures and cuts to firefighters and cops does NOT necessarily mean idle firetrucks or less cops on the streets my boy...it can mean accountability and that as we all know is much harder to attain and much harder to argue for then trying to scare people into believing your vitriol.

Cuts will need to be made regardless of your histrionics the question is will they be made based on the real world or on pinheaded nonsense.....well we know where they would come from if you were in charge. We can only be thankful that you are not.

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