The Bush memoirs: Would you buy a book from this man?

Bill Clinton got a $15-million advance to write his memoir, "My Life." And he was a president who'd been impeached for an embarrassing dalliance in the Oval Office.

But publishers told the Associated Press' Hillel Italie that George W. Bush was unlikely to get anything near that kind of advance if he decided to write his own version of his tumultuous eight years in office.

For one thing, he's not known as an introspective guy given to self-criticism, seen as key to sales.

"I think any success will depend to a very large extent on [the content of] the book," said Peter Osnos, founder of PublicAffairs, which published former Bush press secretary Scott McClellan's tough take on the White House.

For another, foreign rights would be unlikely.

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Who the hell would give a $15 million advance for a coloring book?

Kind of what I was thinking Chuck: a children's book like "My Pet Goat." And I don't think he could do even that, even with a ghost writer helping. Maybe some things should be left unwritten.

Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice. Who cares who he diddles -- it is when he started LYING about it that it became a problem. Voyeurism sells a lot of books but it is not like anything useful was learned from Clinton's long-winded tripe.

You bet I would buy a book on President Bush. I get so tired of librarians slamming republicans. Bush is a good man. DO you remember he had a democratic congress to work with????

Of course the largest terrorist attack in the world that killed over three thousand people may have had a small impact on his administration.

President Bush had the best plan I have ever seen to deal with the issue of non-documented migrants in the US. Certainly we have a right to control our borders, but President Bush tempered that with the superior human right of being able to work to support your family.

Of course the plan was decimated when legislators marked it up. Everyone knows the migrant laborers are simply here to take all of our C-suite jobs and then murder us in our sleep.

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