Bruce Sterling - Prophet and loss

The BBC site has an <A HREF="">interview with author Bruce Sterling,</A> "The difficulty with interviewing Bruce Sterling is knowing where to start. His interests range from literature and design culture, to futurism, political activism, micro and macro economics, technology and 11th Century writers. Perhaps the simplest starting point would be: The future? Explain. He is the author of 10 novels, many short stories and is one of the most interesting, magpie bloggers of the modern-day techno-infused culture." His latest novel is <A HREF="">"The Caryatids"</A>


Futurism is to writing and scholarship what faith-healing is to medicine.

The Caryatids and Bruce Sterling's books are very interesting. I especially liked The Hacker Crackdown and The Difference Engine. He is a truly interesting writer.

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