The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind


Yet another system that ignores the fact that not everyone lives in the US.
I know there are reasons behind this in many cases, but here is an example of it being silly.

Big Bang Theory by CBS:
Puts links on the Fans BBT section of Facebook. These are hosted on the CBS website and are georgraphically locked to the US only. Despite the fact that of course, Facebook is not US only.
You can kind of undestand it, BUT. And this is the odd thing. CBS have an official section on YouTube where they put trailers, clips etc. Including BBT! I can understand some chat shows etc might not be too happy about links to their material but this was their own product! Why don't they just put it all on there? By showing off BBT content on Facebook but not letting non US citizens view them 'for no reason' it just annoys people.

How hard is it to find a list of the books mentioned on The Daily Show? Because I've had issues in the past finding these books, I started "As Seen on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"
-Zinthia Briceno

Please re-check the link? Didn't take me to that list. Thanks!
Barbara Genco

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